I'm Waturi:

A recent music performance graduate, (which just means I know a thing or two about the clarinet,) recently employed, and living in Nairobi. I like cartoons, living in new places, taking photos, listening to music, making music, ice cream, chocolate, any fluffy living thing, writing, watching game shows, chips, and baking.

The point of this blog is not only to grow as a writer, but to serve as an outlet in order to express myself. Mgeni is Kiswahili for Stranger, which I see myself as on a day-to-day basis. A stranger to the people around me, to the place I live in, to the world, and to myself. A stranger who's not confidently rooted in a lot to convince myself of belonging. I hope to use the term stranger as a strength rather than a weakness in the long run. Read my first post to understand a little of where I'm at.

Fighting with depression, anxiety, fear, ambition, laziness, restlessness, boredom, doubt, confidence, creativity, identity, self-love, God, the devil, and myself, I've found myself not being able to be free from my mind in order to focus on outwardly living for the glory of God. I'll write about these things, as this is a space to journey on becoming a healthier and lovelier person because of who I was created to be.

Join me as I attempt to be an artist of life. I love and thank everyone who has taken the time to stumble upon this blog, intentionally or not. So welcome, welcome, welcome!